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Last week I recorded an interview with Erin Ade of RTTV's "Boom and Bust." She put me through the paces, and showed that she had obviously read, or at least scanned, some of my writing, which is better than some other interviewers do.

It starts at about 3:40 and ends at about 12:30.

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CC writes:

Good interviewer and outstanding interviewee! I can't believe how at ease you were, especially when you had to quickly explain why cronyism is negative-sum. I'm not even sure I could explain what negative-sum *means* in that amount of time! Nice work.

David R. Henderson writes:

Thanks, CC.

Paul Ralley writes:

David, great interview - you looked totally on top of the material, I would have taken twice as long to come up with half as good answers (on a good day). I don't often click through to your video links, but I'm glad I did today.

David R. Henderson writes:

@Paul Ralley,
Thanks. Yes, I felt pretty good afterwards. The thing about it is that I had no real clue about what they would ask me about. The booker had mentioned Piketty briefly, which I haven’t read yet, and so I came prepared to say the one thing I knew about that, which was Solow’s insight that I posted about.
If you look carefully, you’ll see me playing for time while I’m trying to access the hard drive in my head when she asks me about current instances of crony capitalism. I had no idea she would ask me about crony capitalism at all.

Mr. Econotarian writes:

Good job, but perhaps you should have added something about current crony capitalism in Russia?

(I also noted that the graphic for your interview had red barred circles in front of the White House and Supreme Court, but not the Kremlin).

David R. Henderson writes:

@Mr. Econotarian,
Good job, but perhaps you should have added something about current crony capitalism in Russia?
I probably should have. But check my answer to Paul Ralley above. Given that I had no idea that she would ask me about crony capitalism, I went with what I knew. I didn’t know any details about crony capitalism in Russia. Of course, those details are easily accessible but not while I’m staring at a camera and trying to come up with answers in seconds.

Jen Log writes:

David, did you catch that, during the woman's introduction of you prior to the interview, "Econlog" is misspelled as "Econolog?"

David R. Henderson writes:

@Jen Log,
I did.

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