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Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change: Experimental vs. Observational Studies Illustrated

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Here are two of my favorite pages from The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change, available starting today!  I've seen hour-long lectures on experimental versus observational studies that were less pedagogically effective.  Click to enlarge.


[Excerpted from The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change by Grady Klein and Yoram Bauman, reprinted with permission from Island Press.]

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Handle writes:

When do the cute little scientific detectives learn how to hide the decline, refuse to share data, obstruct justice and FOIA requests, sue all their critics for defamation, and pressure any heretics with bullying McCarthyist tactics?

I bet the drawings on that page are simply adorable.

Sean writes:

It's funny to me that the two examples he chose for the second page are those that gave scientists the most trouble to 'prove', when the more traditional controlled experiments (on smaller scales) gave results not entirely aligned with, or even conflicting with, the other methodologies.

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