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Data Challenge: Can "Full-Time, Year-Round Workers" Be Unemployed?

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I've often heard economists talk about "full-time, year-round workers."  Data challenge: Can such workers also be officially "unemployed"?  Answer tomorrow.

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Andy writes:

Sure. The first is a Census/ACS question about whether the respondent reports both working 50-52 weeks in the previous 12 months AND usually working 35+ hours each week. The second is a CPS question (although I believe the ACS has a version now) about whether they don't have a job at the time of the survey (and aren't on temporary layoff) and have looked for work in the previous 4 weeks.

Ignoring respondent errors then people who just got laid off or quit from a full-time job and are looking for a new job could be correctly counted in both categories.

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