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In one of my first posts after returning to the EconLog team, I wrote:

Last Spring, a student came to my class wearing a shirt reading "Basketball Never Stops." I need to get a shirt that says "Economics Never Stops."

Sensing a profit opportunity, commentor Jim offered this lovely design.


When I returned to the office after a week or so of travel, I was surprised to find a package in my mailbox from an anonymous reader containing not one but two "Economics Never Stops" shirts, pictured below. On was a Large, the other an Extra-Large because my amazingly kind and thoughtful reader wasn't sure which size I wear. Whoever you are, thank you very, very much; it was a touching gift.


I usually wear an XXL but aspire to an XL after I drop a few pounds. Hence, I have an extra gray "Economics Never Stops" t-shirt that will be used as a prize in an EconLog contest sometime soon. Keep watching this space for an announcement.

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Can I order one from somewhere?

Richard O. Hammer writes:

Never mind. I see the link now.

Daniel Artz writes:

In the same vein, how about one that says:

"Supply and Demand: It's not just a Theory, It's the LAW."

I would contribute to a fund to send one of those to every single Member of Congress, in the hope (perhaps vain) that it might rein in at least some of the idiocy.

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