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It's Great to Be Back With One of My Favorite Blogs!

The Problems with Bans on Insi... Reverse Mortgages in Organs...

Greetings, everyone. I'm thrilled to be back for a second guest-blogging go-round with one of the world's premiere outlets for incisive commentary and analysis of Big Picture economic issues. Liberty Fund is one of my favorite organizations, I am fortunate to count EconLog full-timers Bryan Caplan and David Henderson as friends and mentors, and I'm looking forward to a very instructive and fruitful few months back with EconLog.

In addition to regular commentary on The Big Ideas that my beloved dismal science* addresses every day, I plan to include an at-least-weekly feature of sorts on using Library of Economics resources in the classroom. Over the summer, I'll feature resources I plan to use in my Fall principles of microeconomics and MBA economics classes. This Fall, I'll try to let you know how things go.

Thanks to everyone at EconLog for having me back again. I'm really looking forward to it. My first new post will go live this afternoon at 4:45 Eastern.

*-Do you know why economics is known as "the dismal science?" Here are David Levy and Sandra Peart with the real answer in a 2001 EconLib essay.

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Amy Willis writes:

Welcome back, Art!

MikeP writes:

Do you know why economics is known as "the dismal science?"

It's named after Sir Eustice Dismal.

dullgeek writes:

Ok. I'll admit it, I cheered a little when I read the title and author of this post.

Glad you're back.

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