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How I Teach When I Really What about Asia?...

Here's a Sesame Street classic. I remember this from when I was a kid; we watched it a few times with our kids Monday morning. The sheer amount of knowledge embodied in this whole process is mesmerizing.

And of course, here's Leonard E. Read's classic essay, always worth a re-read.

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magilson writes:

That segment is literally the reason I work in manufacturing today. I used to ask to watch it over and over again.

nl7 writes:

Used to love that one as a kid, particularly the parts with the orange stuff getting scraped off. I still enjoy shows like How It's Made and Factory Made, though my partner has almost zero interest so I mostly watch without her.

Interesting to watch it and see how many steps basically require a human being to grab a handful of crayons and move them to another machine. Basically just doing the work of a specialized conveyor belt (without the big capital cost).

Chris writes:

Here's a more modern version:

ThomasH writes:

I thought about it every time I heard some "conservative" last year bloviate about the President's "You didn't build that" remark.

Brian S writes:

@ Chris

Thanks for the link to the modern version. When watching the old version I was thinking about what a new one would be like.

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