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Friday Night Audio: Henderson on George Hilton

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Last night, I did a segment on the John Batchelor Show on the late George Hilton. Here it is. My part starts at 33:10 and goes to the end.

One correction: John referred to me as the Features Editor of Econlib. I'm not. Rather, I commission and edit one Feature Article a month.

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David Gordon writes:

I enjoyed very much your memories of Hilton. As I recall, he lived near Stanford and drove to UCLA and back every week during a quarter.

David R. Henderson writes:

@David Gordon,
Thanks. I think you’re right that he lived near Stanford. If I recall correctly, though, I think he sometimes drove and sometimes flew. He was a fan of PSA (Pacific Southwest Airlines), which wasn’t constrained by the Civil Aeronautics Board’s regulation of interstate fares. The fares were often very low. I recall once a fare special that took me from LAX to SFO for $8. (This was in about 1974.)

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