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Cafe Hayek blogger Don Boudreaux has reminded me about the 2014 Coolidge Prize for Journalism competition. So, like him, I am asking you a favor.

Please suggest, in the comments, your favorite blog posts or other articles (or both) of mine that have appeared between January 1, 2012 and August 25, 2014. I can submit up to three posts or articles, but each must be 800 words or less.

Don reminds us that he and I face stiff competition. Don writes, "my entries will likely be in competition with entries from super-bloggers and sterling columnists such as Bryan Caplan, Tyler Cowen, Veronique de Rugy, David Friedman, David Henderson, Alex Tabarrok, and Kevin Williamson."

Game on, Don. :-)

Besides the Econlog blog, the three main other publications to go to to find my work are:

Regulation magazine, mainly book reviews but some articles.

The Wall Street Journal editorial page.

Defining Ideas. These three articles are within the relevant time period:
"The Legacy of Gary Becker, 1930-2014."
"Obama's 'Disincentive' Scheme"
"The Legacy of Walter Oi (1929-2013)

Thanks in advance.

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RPLong writes:

I think back to these three quite often. They might not be your best, but for various reasons I learned something important from each.

TSA: Totally Subjugating Americans.

I Agree With Barbara Ehrenreich.

Galbraith Bests Henderson: AEA Edition.

David R. Henderson writes:


Tom Jackson writes:

Econlog in general has become one of my favorite antiwar blogs. I also like the folks at antiwar.com, but I appreciate the way Econlog makes many of the same points in a calm, reasoned way.
I particularly enjoy David's postings, so here are three that I liked:

One Innocent Person is Killed. Response: Kill More Innocent People

Paul Krugman on Why We Fight

Trade Creates Peace

I also liked the one where David described participating in a demonstration that he organized with a left wing friend, but I couldn't find the darn post when I searched.

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