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(Taxi) Deutschland Über Uber

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I couldn't resist.

Guest blogger Alberto Mingardi's excellent update on Uber's legal status in Germany made me think of this title.

Taxi Deutschland successfully sued to prevent ride-share operator Uber from operating throughout Germany. The German government, thus, triumphed over Uber.

For those who don't get the joke, think back to Germany's national anthem. It is titled "Deutschlandlied", but it's first few words, which are no longer played in Germany because of a mistaken association with the Nazis (I say "mistaken" because it preceded the Nazis), are "Deutschland Uber Alles."

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Matthew writes:

Off topic but my favourite part of the song are the lyrics:

German women, German loyalty,
German wine and German song

Great minds joke alike, David.

Max writes:

And yet the German government is right. What many commentators and uber users in Germany do not realize is that unlike taxis the private drivers insurance will not cover any damages! For all intents and purposes you are uninsured and you are not given notice on this by uber. Imo this legitimates a ban on Uber until the issue is resolved. This is contrary to ride sharing programs where insurance covers normally.

Jon Gunnarsson writes:

Actually the Deutschlandlied is not the German national anthem, only its third stanza is.

Roger Sweeny writes:

I think it was Flanders and Swann who described the anthem as "German, German Overalls."

Ah, yes:


Pierre Lemieux writes:

Uber libertas, ibi patria.

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