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A Lot Happened in 1962

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This occurred to me last weekend: three major books were published in 1962: Buchanan & Tullock's The Calculus of Consent, Rothbard's Man, Economy, and State, and Friedman's Capitalism and Freedom.

At the same time, Walmart, Kmart, and Target all opened in 1962.

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J Storrs Hall writes:

John Glenn's orbits, the launch of Telstar. The first video game, Spacewar, appeared. The Jetsons debuted. Arthur C. Clarke published Profiles of the Future.

And last but not least, "Tom Swift, Jr. and his Triphibian Atomicar."

Mark Bahner writes:

The Cuban Missile Crisis!

The world came within a few minutes from ending for perhaps hundreds of millions of people.

That's why we should all have a picture of Visili Arkhipov in our homes.

The least-known hero of the 20th century

Morgan writes:

Also in 1962, Woolco.

Roger Koppl writes:

In Search of a Monetary Constitution

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