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Henderson on Net Neutrality and Economic Inequality

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Erin Ade, on RT (previously called Russia Today), which is funded by the Russian government, does another good interview of me. It seems strange. Other than John Stossel, no other electronic interviewer asks me such good questions. And, as I said, it's funded by Russia's government, not, to put it mildly, one of the nicest governments around. My part starts at around 3:40. Somewhat later she interviews Richard Ebeling.

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John Hall writes:

It might be better than good sporadically, but it can also go off the deep end for extended periods of time.

ECharles writes:

Less than convincing comments on net neutrality, David (great on Piketty).

Your conclusion may be correct but understanding what is occurring (you didn't give that impression) always helps.

I found this article informative.


Andrew_FL writes:

Russia Today isn't so bad, as state controlled media go.

Certainly no worse, for example, than the BBC. Or America's de facto media arms of the state.

Mark V Anderson writes:

Very nice interview. I especially liked your response to the question on whether the middle class is better off. I agree that the common sense response to that is to just look around and see it is much better. I wish that sort of explanation would make the rounds in everyday news, because you don't need to be a pointy headed economist to make that connection.

David R. Henderson writes:

Good points. I found out, with 30 minutes to prepare, that they wanted to talk about net neutrality. This part wasn’t shown, but Erin asked if there’s anything I wanted to add. I said, “Yes, you should get Tom Hazlett on here. He can do a better job than I did on net neutrality."

David R. Henderson writes:

@Mark V Anderson,

When she brought up traffic lanes you should have asked her how she liked sitting in traffic jams. Which is likely to be the end result of 'net neutrality'.

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