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The Bottom Line on DACA

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When the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy was announced in 2012, I repeatedly heard that two million would benefit.  The bottom line has been far smaller: as of March 2014, 673,000 requests were filed, and just 553,000 approved. 

I hasten to add that this is better than I would have expected back in 2011.  But it underscores the fact that we shouldn't take aspirational numbers at face value.

Prove me wrong, Obama.  Prove me wrong.

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Tim Ozenne writes:

How does one count those who enter under DACA but never show up for their court date? Are they included in the 673,000?

Yancey Ward writes:

The numbers were lower than the worse case scenario precisely because DACA is not written into law. Any future president can undo it, and even the 553,000 aren't permanent residents or on a path to citizenship- they are still considered illegal residents. Under those circumstances, I, too, am surprised the number who took up the "offer" was so high.

LD Bottorff writes:

Yancey's point is excellent. This has a great political benefit to actual help ratio. Very few will sign up for it because they fear that in a few years the order will be rescinded and their names will be on the government records. However, citizens who are sympathetic to the plight of the undocumented workers will see this as a reason to support the Democrats and hate the Republicans. Great policy for Democrats. Bad policy for undocumented immigrants.

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