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Third Parties in Congress: Props to Jon Murphy

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Last year, I offered to bet $100 against someone's $20 that no third party candidate would win a seat in the House or Senate. This was in response to a Politico article touting "record demand for third party."

This morning, Jon Murphy, an economist from ITR Economics, emailed me to remind me that he had taken up the bet and that he had lost. Pending transaction costs, the fund for the construction of the new Brock School of Business Building will be $20 richer.

Thanks, Jon, for taking the bet.

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Sieben writes:

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Hopaulius writes:

This is like betting that someone in your extended family will be diagnosed with cancer. It's a nearly sure bet, but sad nonetheless.

Jon Murphy writes:

I lost, but not upset.

This was an interesting election. Lots of close races were decided by the 3rd party vote (see Virginia) and I believe a 3rd party won the Alaska gubernatorial race.

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