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Farewell, Art Carden

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Last December, I bid farewell to our guest blogger Art Carden. And last June I welcomed him back. As Art has already announced his recent stint as a guest blogger is up. This does not mean that he won't be back at sometime in the future.

I've especially enjoyed some of his parting posts, particularly "By Request: Walmart and Big-Box Retailers, Part I: Origins" and "By Request: Religion and Unschooling." On the latter, although I'm not a Christian myself, for some reason I appreciate Art's religiosity.

Along with co-blogger Bryan Caplan, I wish Art well.

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Art Carden writes:

Thank you so much for your kindness and guidance over the years; I really appreciate it.

David R. Henderson writes:

You’re welcome, Art.

Kaushal Desai writes:

Farewell for now, Art!

Already looking forward to the next guest blogging stint - can't be long. Hopefully?


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