Re-welcoming Scott Sumner

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We are pleased to announce that Scott Sumner will be continuing with EconLog for the coming year and is moving from a guest blogger role to being a regular blogger alongside Bryan Caplan and David Henderson.

Scott's background in macroeconomics and microeconomics, in public visibility and classroom teaching, and in influencing the ideas of others while also engaging in personal introspection have all made him a popular choice for our readers. We welcome him and we hope you look forward to his upcoming posts.

A complete list of Scott's EconLog posts is available here.

-- Lauren Landsburg, Econlib Editor

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Nodnarb the Nasty writes:


*Double fist pump*

Michael Byrnes writes:

Congratulations! That's a great way to kick off the new year!

Norman Carton writes:

Scott's posts need editing. They are too long. They should be about half as long as they are.

Kevin V writes:


Clare Zempel writes:


Toby writes:

Great news. does this mean that Scott's blog will over time be merged with Econlog?

Scott's posts need editing. They are too long. They should be about half as long as they are.

The Coase theorem tells me that you could also be twice as patient that or bargain ;-).

Thaomas writes:


Jim Glass writes:

Yea, Scott Sumner!

eccentric-opinion writes:

Excellent! This is great news.

Ricardo Cruz writes:

Scott Summer got tenure over econlog ! :P

Seriously, very cool. :) By the way, please ask someone to develop a cool CSS theme for econlog, with mobile phone support.

Lowertaxeswork writes:

I was hoping Econlog would add an economist that specializes in finance. I enjoyed Arnold Kling's finance postings.

Kaushal Desai writes:

Invaluable lesson learned: don't ignore EconLog, even if you're badly hungover on Jan 1.

Some announcements are not to be missed.

Floccina writes:
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