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Last summer, after 22 years as a tenured Associate Professor, I decided to come up for promotion to Full Professor. I did so partly at the urging of three colleagues in the Graduate School of Business and Public Policy, where I'm "lodged," and partly at the urging of two full professors in a different part of the campus.

Normally, the Naval Postgraduate School announces the results for tenure and promotion on April 1. Given the significance of that day, my wife suggested that I should hope the school announced that I didn't get promoted.

Fortunately, the letter telling me that I am promoted (which I received yesterday) was dated today, March 31. I'm happy. I don't feel the relief that I felt in April 1992, when I learned that I had been granted tenure. I had thought I wasn't nervous about it, but when I found out, I immediately went home early, told my wife, and then yawned the stress out of my body for about half an hour. This time, I simply called her and then went in and taught my first class. I haven't yawned a lot of tension out; I simply feel a quiet satisfaction.

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Trevor H writes:

Congratulations - based on your writing, I'm sure it's well deserved.

Brian Saxton writes:

Congratulations, sir. When you get a chair, you should demand a throne to go with it.

Pedro Albuquerque writes:

Deserved promotion, congratulations!

Daniel Kuehn writes:


Tom West writes:

Congratulations, indeed!

David R. Henderson writes:

Thanks, Trevor, Brian, Pedro, Daniel, and Tom. And Brian, I’m going to go for a sofa. :-)

Don Boudreaux writes:


Many sincere congratulations! The only surprise is that that title and rank have been withheld from you for such an unjustly long span of time.

AMW writes:


Daniel Klein writes:

Great news, congratulations!

Thank you for sharing your great news.

Roger Koppl writes:

Congratulations. It was very well deserved indeed!

Jared writes:

Your suggestion of an endowed sofa has now given me a new thing to aim for: an endowed barca-lounger.


Justin Rietz writes:

Congrats, David!

Cameron writes:


Tom Gussman writes:

Well done, David. This is an ovedue honor and you are to be congratulated.

Jon Murphy writes:

Huzzahs are in order!

Colin Barnard writes:

I was thinking if you got the chance you could to get a chair named after you, the David Henderson Chesterfield.

Congratulations from Steinbach Manitoba.

Glen Smith writes:

Congratulations! Sit well.

Paul Bogle writes:

Congratulations Dr. Henderson!

Thomas Lee writes:

Congratulations from Monterey California.

wd40 writes:


David R. Henderson writes:

Thanks all.

Prakash writes:

Congratulations, David!

ted writes:

Congratulations, well deserved! And thank you for taking the time to post on this blog so frequently!

Shayne Cook writes:


Dave Tufte writes:


That's a long wait. I am curious if you were advised not to go up at earlier dates.

The reason I ask is that I've been an associate for 18 years. I'm required to apply every 5 years.* I go up again in the fall but I do not expect to be supported by administration.

* Actually, I'm required to file for a post-tenure review, which is much the same paperwork, and often does double-duty.

The Original CC writes:

That's great, DH. I hope with this new title comes additional blogging requirements! :)

Scott Sumner writes:

Congratulations David!

Richard Sousa writes:

What? You mean for all these years I should have been addressing you as Associate Professor Henderson rather than PROFESSOR Hendeson?

Well, PROFESSOR Henderson, congratulations and well deserved.

Gary Short writes:

Congratulations David. Well deserved. I really appreciate your posts - keep it up.

Joe Williams writes:

Congratulations, Prof. Henderson!

Adam Wildavsky writes:

Reflects well on the Naval Postgraduate School. Congrats!

Jim Black writes:

Congratulations David! You just raised the NPS another notch.

James D writes:

Congratulations Professor Henderson!

Perry Taylor writes:

And about bloody time, too.

Tracy W writes:


robert stewart writes:

Dear David,

I have been an admirer of your writing and work for many years, especially your book "The Joy of Freedom". I hope you enjoy the full professorship. With best wishes, Bob Stewart.

Lara Kearney writes:

Congratulations, Professor Henderson!! If anyone deserves it, it is definitely you!!

Bob Wayland writes:

Congratulations. I've been a vicarious student of yours for some time.

Michael Grossberg writes:

Congratulations, David! Not only one of the best and clearest economists around today, but a great guy.

Mark McClellan writes:

Congrats Professor! Well deserved.

Brad Niese writes:

Congrats Professor Henderson!

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