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Did I ever optimize in using one of my last "free" passes to the United Red Carpet Club in LAX! I flew down from Monterey to LAX early this morning, with a 3-hour gap between flights. That made it reasonable to use of my passes. But then my flight to Cancun was cancelled and so I'm taking a flight to SFO this evening and then a red-eye that puts me into Cancun early tomorrow a.m.

A woman in front of me at the service line, who was in the same situation herself, got those same flights. While Bruce, the nice employee changing the reservations was doing his job, the woman and I got talking. "You don't look upset," she said. "How come?"

"Two reasons," I said. "First, I'm positive that none of this is Bruce's fault. Second, Louisck. I pulled it up on my iPhone and showed it to her and Bruce. Bruce said they should keep it on an iPad to show people in those circumstances. Another woman dealing with another booking agent was having a real snit. I told Bruce that I thought it would just make people madder to show it at times like that. You need to watch it at your leisure. Only then, I think, can you watch it when you're in such circumstances and get some perspective on your situation.

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AMW writes:

I see you're making the most of the APEE conference. I don't get into Cancun until Sunday afternoon.

PJG writes:

I show that clip in my principles of Macro class every year! It still makes me laugh.

J. Scott Frampton, Ph.D. writes:

David, As always, thanks. Your lessons never stop amazing me. Scott

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