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Econlib in Top Three!

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We have just learned that businesseconomics.com has listed Econlib as one of the top three sites for Economic Education in 2015. I agree. :-)

The announcement is here.

An excerpt:

We are delighted to publish the award winners for 2015. In determining the awards we received recommendations for 6,052 sites from 51,230 people who voted on our site. When we decided on the sites that should be given the awards, we looked at the quality of content, usability, timeliness of content and the extent to which much of the content is accessible to all web users. We are pleased to announce the following award winners that met all of these criteria and were judged to provide an excellent service to internet users.

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Brad writes:


I visited the other two sites, and one impression I came away with was the impressive graphic design they employ. It's evident those sites dedicate more resources to *wowing* their patrons than does Econlib.

I still like Econlib better, despite that fact.

Daniel Klein writes:


Bill writes:

I believe it. Great work.

I read econlog an average of once or twice a day and consult the econlib library and its encyclopedia if looking for concise economic wisdom for when I am preparing to comment during class (I am a law student).

Please don't implement distracting graphics. The site is visually appealing, clean, sophisticated, easy to read and navigate, very intellectual and is integrated with sharing media (but displayed in a discrete way that pleases someone like me who is annoyed by over saturation with quick, flashy, or glitzy imagery).

Econlibs site looks in-touch, but quickly demonstrates its seriousness and depth. Perfect the way it is.

David R. Henderson writes:

Thanks, Brad, Daniel Klein, and Bill. We’re doing graphics on the margin.

Todd Kreider writes:

Good job, guys.

I tell friends to check in here and to listen to Econ Talk if a topic sounds interesting to them.

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