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Friday Night Video: Government Goes House Shopping

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This is the 4th in the series of Love Gov. For some reason that I can't put my finger on, I didn't like it as much as the first 3. But I still liked it a lot. It's possible that the reason I don't like it as much is that "Gov" is getting more and more under my skin. I'm finding him increasingly annoying.

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Dan writes:

I didn't watch the first three so maybe I am missing something. Is this suppose to be funny while making some point about regulations?

It's not funny and it makes no sense. Indian burial grounds is the reason why home prices are high? The only big EPA regulation they can think of is sprinklers? The crap houses are up to new code but not nice new ones?

And this guy, who is presumably the govt runs up debt under the woman's name and then says she has to pay back student loans even if she defaults. If she pays then wouldn't she be paying herself back?

I can think of a dozen problems with the housing market associated with regulation and subsidies, which are no trivial as in this video.

Heck, the govt would have done a better job creating a funny video stating problems associated with housing policy.

ThomasH writes:

I find them all un-watchable. I did try skipping to the end of this one to try to figure out what the point was but could not do it.

I guess it that something about housing policy is sub-optimal, but beyond that, it beats me.

john hare writes:

I found them quite interesting. Its a more personal way of seeing the impersonal interaction with government we are all subject to. I am always on the lookout for better ways of getting my point across in discussion. These help.

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