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Bush-Trump Bet

Well-Said... "In retrospect, that decision ...
Bet proposal from the great Tim Kane:
Tim and I are now on for $20.

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MikeDC writes:

Bush's campaign might be measurable in hours if not days at this point.

Unless there's going to be a groundswell of support for his call to regulate fantasy football.

dullgeek writes:

Wow. So BC wins if Jeb drops out first and TK wins if Trump drops out first.

If that's correct, I'd take that bet, too.

Nathan writes:

I predict Bush quits before Trump but that neither makes it to the Iowa caucuses.

Phil writes:

@Nathan they'll both drop out before Iowa? how do you figure? I'd probably bet a lot of money that they both make it to Iowa, especially Trump, why would he drop out beforehand?

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