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Caplan-Jones Immigration Debate

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I'm pleased to announce that I'll be debating former EconLog blogger Garett Jones at Northwood University in Midland, Michigan on "Should We Have Open Borders?"  The event will be livestreamed on Tuesday, November 10 starting 7 PM EST at this URL.

The debate is open to the public, and will be held in the Griswold Lecture Hall.  And it interestingly happens the night before the official release of Garett's new book, Hive Mind: How Your Nation's IQ Matters So Much More Than Your Own


I'll be blogging this important, careful, thought-provoking, and earnest book in coming weeks, but Garett tells me he won't be emphasizing its thesis in the debate.

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Josiah writes:

Isn't that the same time as the Republican presidential debate?

Jon Murphy writes:

Oooo interesting. I've put it on my calendar.

BJH writes:

Bryan, what are your thoughts on Nick Rowe's critique of open borders? It is by far the most sophisticated critique I've seen.

Jim writes:

this is big.

Garett: high tide lifts all boats (but only if you live near a deepwater port)

Bryan: let's smash the welfare state and open the borders.

Should start off debate defining what exactly is a nation state? Dialect with army, culture, currency, plantation, tax farm...

Anonymous writes:


I can't imagine that being too persuasive to someone like Bryan, who wants not to open the club to anyone who wishes to join, but to disband the club entirely, allowing smaller, more flexible, competitive clubs to form in its place.

(I'm talking both about anarcho-capitalism and about sub-sub-culture 'bubbles' here.)

Jim writes:

Bryan won this debate in my libertarian mind. Garett is sharper but more statist than I realized.

Bryan arguing for open borders is 501 level courses. Could focus on the 101 Econ stuff. Min wage. Global inequality (which you did). Maps not chaps (nice Alaska ex)

They see # of jobs in economy as fixed pie, maybe use your 100% employment rate example when we were a nation of farmers.

National 'security' questions are difficult but separate patriotism (good) from nationalism (bad).

Was well moderated and well done guys.

Borwse writes:

Is it just me or is Kaldor-Hicks equivalent to utilitarianism? That's what I get from the Wikipedia page.

Borwse writes:

Is it just me or is Kaldor-Hicks efficiency equivalent to vanilla utilitarianism? That's what I get from the Wikipedia page.

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