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Live Tweeting the Republican Debate

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Well, gulp, here goes. I've decided to live tweet the Republican debate tonight.

I don't promise not to be snarky. I do promise not to be mainly snarky. I also promise not to fill space. So if someone says something that I have nothing important to comment about, I won't comment.

I also will comment on economic issues that arise and will comment on some non-economic issues if, as I suspect, those arise.

One other note: Because Twitter limits one to 142 characters, I won't keep prefacing my comments with wasted characters to remind readers that I don't necessarily like, or agree with all the views of, whoever makes a good point.

My twitter handle--if that's what you call it--is @davidrhenderson.

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Andrew_FL writes:

Alright, I couldn't watch most of the debate cause I was working tonight, so David, I have to know what Kasich said that really got you fired up. It must have been pretty bad.

David R. Henderson writes:

It wasn’t specific content. Some of that was good. It was his frequent flouting of the rules by breaking in when it wasn’t his turn and then going on interminably. As one tweeter said, Kasich reminded him of the guy you invite to a party because you feel sorry for him and then get stuck listening to him for the whole evening.

jon writes:

Fivethirtyeight put together a chart that nicely illustrates what David is talking about. It shows how often the candidates spoke based on (i) questions asked of them and on (ii) times they interrupted. Kasich and Fiorina (but surprisingly not Trump) are the big outliers: http://fivethirtyeight.com/live-blog/republican-debate-fox-business-presidential-election-2016/

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