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Merry Christmas and Peace on Earth

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Pierre Lemieux writes:

Impressive ad indeed! The story told there is not unfeasible (isn't it Olson who told a similar story?). Most wars are absurd. It seems that the times have changed, though, and not for the better. Can we imagine this sort of event with ISIS thugs? Like the Cyclops in Odyssey, they respect no rules.

Jonathan Goff writes:

Thanks for sharing that ad. The story of the WWI Christmas truce is one of my favorites. Gives one a little more hope for humanity.

Merry Christmas to you and your cobloggers!


john hare writes:

There have been murderous conquerors for the millennia of recorded history and probably before. Check out the methods of Cortez, Mzilikazi, and Genghis for starters. Not to downplay ISIS and their evil, but to point out that this is not new.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Yaakov writes:

When I was in school close to 40 years ago our teachers told us similar stories about Jews he gathered from both sides during the war to pray together in their daily prayers. The story is told about WWI, because in WWII Jews only fought on one side.

I wonder how true these stories are.

Floccina writes:

It shows how crazy war is.

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