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I'm looking for good empirical work measuring the prevalence and effects of "teaching to the test."  Nothing good pops up on Google Scholar.  Help!

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Steven writes:

Here are some papers with empirical analysis of pay-for-performance incentives for teachers, each of which at least mentions teaching to the test.

Bjorklund, Clark, Edin, Fredriksson, and Krueger (2005), The Market Comes to Education in Sweden: An Evaluation of Sweden's Surprising School Reforms, Chapter 7.

Hanushek and Raymond (2005), Does school accountability lead to improved student performance?

Hendricks (2011) Performance pay and teacher selection: do performance pay programs attract higher-ability teachers?

Jackson (2010) The effects of incentive-based high-school intervention on college outcomes

Jacob (2005), Accountability, incentives and behavior: the impacts of high-stakes testing in th Chicago public schools

Jones (2013) Teacher behavior under performance pay incentives

Lavy (2002) Evaluating the effect of teachers' group performance incentives on pupil achievement

Lavy (2008) Performance pay and teachers' effort: Productivity and grading ethics

Neal and Whitmore-Schanzenback (2008) Left behind by design: proficiency counts and test-based accountability.

West (2012) Complementarity of incentive pay and decentralized decision making: evidence from Minnesota's Q-Comp program for teachers

If you're interested in the developing world, there have been a lot of RCTs.

EclectEcon writes:

Do market examples count as empirical evidence?
Two suggestions:
The SAT, LSAT, GMAT sample test books and courses.
The growing use of Aplia, My Econ Lab, and other on-line sources that teach directly to the test banks associated with specific textbooks.

Robert Schadler writes:

Would think there must be something empirical with respect to bar exams.

Bill writes:

Some accounting departments offer a course called "CPA Review" that prepares accounting students for the CPA exam.

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