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This summer, I'll be in Europe for a month, from June 16-July 16.  My activities:

1. Teaching Advanced Public Choice at the University of Münster. Classes are on Monday afternoons and Tuesday mornings.  If you wish to audit, please email me.  The class will be taught in English, with my minimal German mixed in for comic relief.

2. Speaking at the IEA's THINK conference in London on July 2.

3. Speaking in Heidelberg on the evening of July 12.

If you want to meet up in Münster or London, email me and perhaps we can work something out.  In Heidelberg, I'll only be available to hang out for an our or two after the talk.

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Colombo writes:

You know, Madrid is not that far... You should come to Spain and talk about homeschooling or some other subtle anarchistic stratagem. Plus, my country is a great place for anarchists and anti-voting advocates right now. The State has been in legislative deadlock for about six months and everything seems to work better, and most of the sheeple can't beleive what's happening.

Have you ever tried paella?

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