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We're Number 10! We're Number 10!

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A site called "Intelligent Economist" has posted its ranking of the "Top 100 Economics Blogs of 2016." And guess what? We're number 10.

Here's the post.

The site does not make clear how it came to that ranking. We're number 10 and Marginal Revolution is number 18? Hmmm. But I'll take it.

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Miguel Madeira writes:

"We're number 10 and Marginal Revolution is number 18? "

Because Econlog is a blog of an institution (the Library of Economics and Liberty) and Marginal Revolution is a personal ("general") blog (in the ranking, institutional blogs are above non-institutional blogs)

Unlearning writes:

The site states that the list is "in no particular order".

MikeP writes:

Look what else we learn from this list:

34. The Money Illusion

The Money Illusion is a highly regarded economics blog by Scott Sumner, who teaches at Bentley University. Through his blog, he popularized the idea of targeting the Nominal GDP, an idea which was later endorsed by the Federal Reserve.

Doug T writes:

We're number 10! We're number 10!

ThaomasH writes:

Well, you are N0.1 with me, not counting aggregators like Economist View or Grasping Reality. One thing I especially appreciate is the ease of commenting.

David R. Henderson writes:

Ah, thank you.
Thank you.

Jay writes:


I think 95% of readers will miss that there is no order to the list since nobody really reads the blurbs before the list starts. I think its a little odd they attached numbers at all if they're not meant to be any sort of rank.

MikeP writes:

It's also odd that easily the most well-known name hosted by the most well-known publisher is listed #1.

What are the chances of that in a list in no particular order? Something like 1 in 100?

Genauer writes:

As somebody used to take a look at marginal nearly every day,

the site has worn off considerably, the same few people doing the same rants.

The same goes for several other blogs as well.

And calling sites without a comment function a blog, like vox, this I find somewhat strange.

LD Bottorff writes:

Your site is number one to me and Cafe Hayek is a very close number two.
Thanks for the list. I will try some of the other sites (most of which I had not heard of).

BJ Terry writes:

It's highly likely that this site is just blogspam. Look at the rest of the articles and you can see that they are basically just intro to econ topics put in to pad the site with "content" so that Google will rank them higher (or at all). They put together this list to try to get backlinks, which will help their almost contentless content get ranked higher, which has worked in this case. (Google ranks your site higher if you have other sites linking to you) The order of the blogs isn't exactly random, because they had to google a bunch to find 100 economics blogs. So these blogs probably correlate pretty highly with what blogs showed up in google rankings.

Basically, you've been had by an Internet marketer. Note that there is no information on who's running the site, and that even when they source something they don't provide an outbound link. I looked at like 20 articles and aside from 2 wikipedia links, the only post with outbound links was this 100 blogs linkpost. The most surprising thing about it is that I googled some snippets and couldn't find exact quotes, so the content isn't directly stolen from anywhere.

Mr. Econotarian writes:

Glad Econlog is on there, but any list of econ blogs that leads with Krugman and Piketty is silly - it should be called a list of political opinion.

Daniel Artz writes:

The fact that Paul Krugman's blog makes the top of the list and Piketty's blog makes the top 5, while this blog only makes No. 10 and Cafe Hayek (my personal favorite) is down in the 30s (36, if I recall correctly), tells me just why economic illiteracy runs rampant in America.

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