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Publication of Michael Huemer's lost works continues.  Today, we have the 1992 Huemer-Caplan correspondence on his philosophical system, which concludes with my ultimately successful effort to convert him to anarcho-capitalism.

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Maximum Liberty writes:

Your mention of Trump Enterprises on page 13 of 18 gave me a moment of cognitive dissonance, showing how much context has changed in 24 years.

Alex writes:

You do realize that Anarcho Capitalism is perfectly consistent with slavery right?

Thomas Sewell writes:


Only voluntary slavery, which... isn't exactly slavery.

Compare and contrast to the current real life Venezuela "socialist" actual involuntary slavery promulgated by their government.

But it's all for the greater good, right?

Pajser writes:

In anarcho-capitalism wannabe slave-owner can obtain slaves on following way:

(1) Buy few children from artificially inseminated surrogate mothers.

(2) Raise children until old enough to sign the voluntary slavery contract.

(3) Forbid children to use slave-owners land, except for one very small space. Food is not included. Offer them to chose between staying on the small space, voluntary slavery contract and leaving of slave-owner's land.

(4) Ensure that when child decides to leave, the neighbors do not allow trespass.

(5) Allow (and motivate) slaves to have families and children. Proceed to (2).

Glen Smith writes:


Unlike socialism, at least there is a step 4 and you got to buy your initial slaves. 3? Well, even slaves traditionally could earn an income and have property of their own (sometimes including their own slaves). In any case, a huge reason slavery existed for so long in the US was that non-slaves could so easily move on. Partly because there was so much open land and partly because many people cannot be convinced that the act you describe is an act of trespass. Slavery in the US (and other places I suspect) relied on government support and the support of other states. While slavery is possible on a small scale in an anarcho-capitalist world, it is a key component in the alternate world.

Alex writes:

Thomas, in the middle ages you could become a slave as a punishment for not paying your debts.

Are you OK with that?

Also, in Anarcho Capitalism are you allowed to shoot someone who stole your bike?

A Country Farmer writes:

It's a funny coincidence that you reference Trump enterprises in there!

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