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Does Karl Marx still matter? Prominent British leftist historian Gareth Stedman Jones says Marx's influence is waning, and that's OK. His new biography aims to put Marx in his proper historical context. Our own Pedro Schwartz is less sanguine, wondering shall we never be rid of Marx, the "perennial prophet?" (Note: You can read Marx's Capital online here at Econlib.)

Speaking of Schwartz...I've spent this week at the meeting of the Mont Pelerin Society, of which Schwartz serves as president. He describes the founding of the Society in this column, in which he also argues the danger of reducing classical liberalism to economic analysis. I'm reminded of other related items here, like this EconTalk episode with Angus Burgin on Hayek, Friedman, and the "Great Persuasion."

Driverless cars continue to make news...and it looks like the sharing economy will be the pioneers. Uber's fleet launches this month. The sharing economy? Nothing new under the sun...EconTalk fav Mike Munger chatted with host Russ Roberts about the impact of driverless cars paired with Uber toward the end of this 2014 interview.

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Mark Bahner writes:

It seems to me that Pittsburgh is a terrible place to have the first self-driving car fleet. It seems to me that a much better place would be Phoenix or Las Vegas...somewhere without much rain or snow, and set up on a grid system.

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