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Hanson-Caplan Robot Debate this Monday in NYC

Huemer Seminar at GMU - MONDAY... Theresa May's anti-libertarian...
Right after Mike Huemer speaks at GMU on Monday, I'm rushing to New York City to debate Robin Hanson on the resolution, "Robots will eventually dominate the world and eliminate human abilities to earn wages."  As you might expect, Robin's arguing the affirmative, and I'm arguing the negative.  Hope to see you there!

Details here.

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Mark Bahner writes:


Some of us don't have the time or money to go jetting about, all la-di-dah. (Because we're racing against the machines, doncha know.) ;-)

Sometime (maybe after the debate, to avoid spoilers?) I'd like to read how that resolution can not be true: "Robots will eventually dominate the world and eliminate human abilities to earn wages"?

If robots (/"computers"/"AI") can eventually do everything better than humans, and at a tiny fraction of the cost, why would humans get goods/services from other humans, rather than robots (/"computers"/"AI")?

Paul Ralley writes:

If there is the possibility of recording this, to out out as a podcast, I'd be very grateful!

Lars writes:

Yes! I too would really grateful for a recording posted online.

Dylan writes:

Leave town for the weekend and don't check EconLog and look what I miss hearing about. When I go to register it shows tickets are sold out. Any chance they're saving some space for walk-ups? Would love to check it out.

Mark Bahner writes:

Hopefully, if Jason Alexander (aka, Bootleggin' George Costanza, the ultimate Bad Seed) is in NY tonight, he'll make a bootleg tape for us.

"I'm a bootlegger!"

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