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The Boston Globe's Case is Eve... Look past the labels...

monitor.jpg I loved reading John Cochrane's reflections on his EconTalk conversation with Russ Roberts (this week's episode) on his blog, The Grumpy Economist.

Who doesn't want affordable housing? Reforming zoning codes to encourage more is theory.

The Nobel prize in Economic Sciences will be announced soon...Peter Englund, former Secretary of the Prize Committee shares his experience on how laureates are selected. (Trivia Question: How many Nobel laureates have been guests on EconTalk over the years?)

What does the future of tech innovation look like? What you think you know may not be so, according to Mark Mills in Forbes. Interesting profile; it called this recent EconTalk episode with futurist Kevin Kelly to mind.

Speaking of technology...Minecraft will release its Education Edition universally on November 1...I love this game, and my young son has spent a lot of (quality, IMO) time with it...I'm wondering how it will affect classroom settings now? (Past EconLog guest blogger Art Carden has also had lots to say about using Minecraft with kids...)

Finally, it's not all that often I can recommend a Slate piece for your perusal...But don't miss this one on the recent decline in Harvard's endowment...A picture (and a caption) might be worth more than 1,000 words.

Now it's your turn...Suggest some links to me...It's a great weekend for exploration!

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Recently I have discovered two fantastic resources:

  1. YouTube's list of recommendations for me, which I see when I go to <>. I have an account with YouTube, or at least I am signed up in some way which calls in parent-company Google, and Google may know me better than I do. I have valued many of YouTube's recommendations.
  2. The academic network <>. Signed up for only two weeks now — I already have three followers. Unprecedented recognition for me! Hat tip to Ross Emmett.

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