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On previous Thanksgivings, I've written blog posts expressing my thankfulness for a relatively high degree of freedom in my adopted country and for various people in my life who have helped me along the way. The posts are here, here, and here.

When pondering my post for this year, I realized that there is an organization that, and a person whom, I'm very thankful for and that I've have never expressed it.

The organization is Liberty Fund, which funds this site. The person is the late Pierre Goodrich, whose generosity built and sustained Liberty Fund. Thank you.

And thanks also to my co-bloggers Bryan Caplan and Scott Sumner and to our guest bloggers, Alberto Mingardi and Emily Skarbek. All do fine work.

Thanks also to Liberty Fund's Amy Willis, who gives me good suggestions for graphics, and for the careful work of Lauren Landsburg, the overall editor of the Econlib site. Finally, thanks to Liberty Fund President and CEO Emilio Pacheco, who believes strongly in what we do.

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Mark Barbieri writes:

I am very thankful for this site. You and your co-bloggers are always interesting and educational.

I'm also thankful for Holiday Grapes, but that's another topic entirely.

Yaakov writes:

Thank you to you and your colleagues, for your writings and for your fight to protect liberty.

Steve J writes:

I second Mark and Yaakov. Maybe not the Holiday Grapes...

Socal Bill writes:

I also must say how thankful I am to you David, and others in the field of economics that I read and learn so much from. It is a joy and also a challenge to gain so much knowledge. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Shane L writes:

Also very grateful for Econlog and Econtalk, I really appreciate the thoughtful material and civil tone. The moderators of these comments do a great job too in keeping the comments a rare place on the internet where ideas are traded with civility and grammar intact. Good work folks!

William writes:

I was first introduced to econlib.org in my first undergrad semester studying economics, by the one free market professor that taught economics amid a uniformly Marxist/post-Keynesian faculty. I've gone back and used it so often over the past eleven years, and it even came in handy during law school to help formulate pro-liberty arguments.

Thank you Liberty Fund and everyone at Econlog for all their hard work!

Harold Cockerill writes:

May The Author of Nature smile down on you for the work you do defending liberty and may the fruits of liberty spread to every soul on this earth.

Thank you.

David R. Henderson writes:

@All above,
You’re welcome, and thank you all for your appreciations.

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