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Wisdom and Courage from Arnold Kling

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Former co-blogger Arnold Kling writes:

I am not going to be bullied into supporting policies that I believe are bad just because they are popular. If you want to talk me out of my position against a policy, tell me what is good about the policy.

Well said.

I should add that I don't have time to read the two posts he's commenting on. So I don't know if his post is on target or not. It doesn't matter for my purposes. What I like is the quote above because it's important in its own right.

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Alexandre Padilla writes:

His post is on target when it comes to Noah Smith's post. But Noah Smith is just not an academic so he doesn't understand or won't understand that the study of free markets from a comparative institutional perspective is a valid research program. He somewhat thinks that academic research ought to be relevant for public policy purposes and,more importantly, politically practical.

Thaomas writes:

My feeling about the carbon tax.

Thaomas writes:

In context I think Kling's comment was a bit off in that the "bad" policy he was not being bullied over -- making the safety net fairer and more efficient -- was argued to be a "less bad" policy than the alternative -- "populist policies." For example, instead of a higher EITC, we get minimum wages.

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