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Friday Night Video: Cuba, Sanctions, Biting Cats, and Trump

What kind of inflation hurts t... The Italian referendum...

I was on RT, the Russian-government-funded news network, earlier this week, talking about various issues. My segment begins around the 15:00 point and goes to about 22:30.

Some friends have questioned the wisdom of going on a network funded by the Russian government. I understand their concerns. Here's what I can say: In all the times I've been on, they've never edited the interviews to distort. Indeed, on average, they are better, at least to me, than other media, government-funded and otherwise, in the United States. One of the worst experiences I ever had with media distortion was with the Los Angeles Times, which isn't government funded. Another of the worst was with Warren Olney, on a radio station that might get some government funds.

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Brandon writes:

RT's American programs aren't bad, but the stuff they show in Russia is another story.

Speaking of dishonesty, did anyone see this post on Cuba's fake stats by the economic historian Vincent Geloso? Yikes...

Brandon writes:

Ach. To clarify my abysmal writing: I am yikes-ing the effect on incentives that the Cuban government's health care policies had rather than Geloso's enlightening post...

Bob Murphy writes:

David, I think the real outrage in that LA Times story was that his editors didn't catch this: "Romer has questioned how well fiscal policy works at all, a central tenant of Democratic economic thinking."

David R. Henderson writes:

Thanks. I, at least, took your meaning correctly.
@Bob Murphy,
LOL. I totally missed that.

Andrew_FL writes:
RT's American programs aren't bad

You must've missed their election coverage.

WalterB writes:

Wish I could see that kind of segment on US television.

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