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My Kansas State Speech

How will the rise in nationali... Happy birthday, Leszek Balcero...

A reminder.

My speech is tonight. Here are the details.

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Dan Kuester writes:


Video of the talk. Thanks again to David for coming and giving a great talk!

Levi Russell writes:

I'm going to have to get you here to speak at UGA sometime soon, David! Wish they'd had you at KSU a few years ago when I was there.

SaveyourSelf writes:

David, I enjoyed your speech.

The graph of average number of people working by income group was extremely interesting and helpful.

Tying wealth accumulation to both age and compounding was well done.

I enjoyed the Cornucopia segment relating hours to obtain an object. That gets around the confusion of inflation nicely.

That only 2.2% of "total present value of social returns" was estimated to accrue to innovators is interesting. I'll have to think about it and review that paper.

You took just the right amount of time to differentiate wealth and income gaps. That was well done and supported.

In short, I feel I benefited from every moment of the lecture. Thank you for posting it.

* For style points, you may want to drink out of a mug for future lectures. The bottle cap was loud and slowed you down.

David R. Henderson writes:

@Dan Kuester,
Thanks much. You were a great host and I loved to see the positive interactions between you and the students. There’s a lot of love there.
@Levi Russell,
Thanks. I would love to do it.
Thanks for those comments. You obviously paid a lot of attention. Re my water, you’re absolutely right. I didn’t anticipate needing to drink that much, but my voice started giving out, probably as a result of 3 plane rides and cold, dry weather.

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