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See You At ISFLC 2017

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Team Caplan is once again attending ISFLC.  I'll be in two official events.

Event #1: UBI Debate with Will Wilkinson, 3:30-4:30 PM on Saturday.

Event #2: Ask Me Anything, 5:00-5:45 on Saturday.

If you want to meet up sometime during the conference, email me.

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RJ Miller writes:

If I was attending the "Ask Me Anything" session, I would be very tempted to flood you with questions about this talk you gave in 2010.

With the advent of things like Uber/Lyft, which lead by example in why taxi licensing schemes aren't in the public interest, I wonder if public opinion turns out to be far more malleable if workable alternatives to government schemes easily come to mind.

Some friends and I are still working on this poll by the way...

Todd Kreider writes:

Could you please put the debate on youtube?

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