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1. The Case Against Education is now scheduled for publication by Princeton University Press in January, 2018.  Sorry for the delay, but I'm glad I took the time to do this right.

2. Pre-orders?  You'll know when I know.

3. This fall, I'll be teaching a GMU seminar on the book, with enrollment open to both undergraduates and graduate students.  By the end, you should understand not only my contrarian views, but mainstream economics of education. 

4. As usual, anyone on Earth who would like to unofficially attend my class is welcome to do so.

5. If someone volunteers to do all the legwork, I'm happy to stream the class.

6. Thanks to everyone who's patiently cheered this project along!

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James M writes:

Which book will be out first? The Case Against Education or The Winds of Winter?

George Mason writes:

At what time will the seminars be held?

Matthias Görgens writes:

What legwork is involved in the streaming? And is that specifically for life streaming?

I'd be quite interested in consuming a canned version, ie stored video, not life streaming.


Tom Church writes:

Can't wait to read it, Bryan!

Nathan Lomeli writes:

Thanks for the update, Bryan! As a former educator, I've been anticipating this book for well over a year. The wait has been painful, but I'm pleased to see how much work you've been putting into it :)

Kurt Schuler writes:

You are an engaging speaker. Devote some forethought to how to make streaming good, because with it you could reach many more people than those present in the classroom. Avoid the mIstakes made by whoever recorded Robert Shiller. He has worthwhile things to say, but the videos of him teaching that I have seen show him behaving just as he would without a camera, which involves some mannerisms that can be distracting to a video viewer. Also, there is no supplementary material that would make the video better, such as computer graphics of blackboard drawings so that the video viewer can see the drawings more clearly.

Robi Rahman writes:

If you do stream or record the lectures, I'd be willing to pay to watch them. What time will they be held? I'd prefer to go watch them in person but I might be working at the time.

Mirza I writes:

I'd love to watch the lectures. Please make it happen!

Stéphane Couvreur writes:

I'll join the other commentators to say that I'm glad the book is coming out, thanks!

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