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Henderson on RT on Corporate Tax Cuts, Deregulation, and Immigration

Don't target unemployment... Policy needs to be symmetrical...

It's here and aired on May 3. My segment starts at 17:40.

The topics covered in order are corporate tax cuts, deregulation, and immigration.

The interviewer is Lindsay France.

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Great job!

Maniel writes:

Prof. Henderson,
Very nicely done.
I would like to offer three comments regarding tax reform. First, the corporate income tax is just a transfer of money from the private to the public sector and should be eliminated. Second, there is already a personal income tax which applies to money received as salaries by individuals at the corporation. And third, the capital gains tax (which applies to the sale of stock at a profit) should be set equal to the regular income tax because, in general, work should not be taxed more than so-called “passive gains.” This last point touches on the confusion regarding who is wealthy (not needing to work) and who has a high income. It also addresses, to some extent, the compensation discrepancy between the brilliant corporate founders and the majority at the company who do most of the work.

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