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Me on Anarcho-Capitalism on the Rubin Report

Echo Chambers and the Prevalen... Nowrasteh on E-Verify...
Whatever you think about anarcho-capitalism, the production values of my Rubin Report interview on the subject are top notch!  Enjoy.

In other news, Mike Huemer and I have a fan from the NFL (and GW Law).

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Joe writes:

I wish more normalish democratic voters could hear your open borders message, as I suspect it would resonate with them more, at least relatively speaking. I wonder if there is a left wing version of Dave Rubin.

Weirdly, when I talk to people about politics and try to pitch open borders, they are the demographic I seem to have the most success with, which maybe is not so weird, considering they usually spend a lot of time trying to increase immigration, even if most democratic leaders seem to call most low-skilled immigration "exploitive."

I wish there was some kind of leftist version of the liberty caucus.

Still, I'll take what I can get

John Fembup writes:

. . . and all this time, I assumed it was Narco-Capitalism that demanded open borders.

Ashwin V writes:

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