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Russ Roberts's Wonderful Loaf

America: A dromedary, not a B... Carl F. Christ, RIP...
The farmer who grows the wheat, the miller that grinds the flour

The baker and all the others who work hour after hour

They're all on their own, each one making independent decisions

But somehow their plans fit together with the greatest degree of precision

So there must be a czar of wheat and flour, of trucks and of bread and yeast

To allocate and oversee and plan at the very least

For the unexpected change. What if today's not like yesterday?

It never is, though, is it? So who keeps chaos away?

This is an excerpt from Russ Roberts's poem "It's a Wonderful Loaf."

Read the whole thing. It's not just a poem; it's a learning device because there are links and/or explanations throughout.

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AlanG writes:

Better yet start baking your own bread and learn the mysteries of sourdough. Regardless of how busy one is bread baking can fit into lots of schedules and the rewards are better bread than one can buy and the great aroma from the baking!

Roy Kerns writes:

"I Pencil" has competition.

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