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Markets for Everything, Minaki Edition

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Henderson with live bait.jpg

This is at a marina near my cottage at Minaki.

HT2 Mike Hammock for helping me rotate the picture.

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Mike Hammock writes:

I'm glad it worked. Now I have so many questions!

How much did live bait cost?

How was it dispensed--a bag?

What was it? Little guppies? Worms?

Did you see many people make use of it?

Things you probably can't answer:

Who stocks the machine?

How often must it be stocked?

Is this sort of machine common?

Rich Berger writes:

C'mon Dave, bait vending machines are so 1990s. One hour drone delivery would be nicer, right to the stream.

Anh Ha writes:

No surprise that they produce a vending machine for baits since we are living in the 21st century- the world of technology. However, not that much people are fishing, or either want to buy baits from the vending machine. Did the producer think about the amount of consumer before they install the machine? Will the machine being benefit of income or just like a wrong investment?

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