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For the last two years, I homeschooled my elder sons, Aidan and Tristan, rather than send them to traditional middle school.  Now they've been returned to traditional high school.  We decided to mark our last day with a father-son/teacher-student podcast on how we homeschooled, why we homeschooled, and what we achieved in homeschool.

In person, Aidan and Tristan are rather reserved, so if you've only met them once or twice, you don't know what's going on inside their heads.  On the podcast, in contrast, they are... outspoken.  And all paternal pride aside, they are knowledgeable beyond their years.  Their 5's on the Advanced Placements tests in United States History, European History, Microeconomics, and Macroeconomics are only the beginning.

You can hear the whole podcast now on Soundcloud.  Enjoy!

P.S. In the opening of the podcast, I state that I homeschooled them for "two weeks."  The actual time was two years!  Slip of the lip.

Update: Here's the iTunes version.

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Kevin V writes:

Hi Bryan! I hope you will blog some more on why you decided to have your sons enter standard high school. I gather it has something to do with the likelihood of their being admitted to a top university, but I'd like to see your reasoning laid out carefully.

Aaron Olson writes:

Thank you so much for sharing! Sounds like you have some wonderfully interesting, thoughtful and fun guys to hang out with you!

Aaron Olson writes:

Would you consider putting more of these podcasts online at regular intervals to discuss what you guys are learning?

colombo writes:

It's a beautiful thing! Congrats!

Thomas writes:

Super impressive!
How many years of HS would they be doing? I would imagine skipping multiple grades to be (bureaucracy aside) well within grasp.

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