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I will be giving my speech "How Economists Helped End the Draft" at Adrian College in Adrian, Michigan this Thursday at 6:00 p.m. I couldn't find anything about it at Adrian College's web site, but the above poster gives time and place.

Earlier in the day I'm giving a guest lecture in a class on globalization, but I'm pretty sure that attendance is restricted to students in the class.

If you attend, please come up and say hi afterwards.

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andy weintraub writes:

Hi David,

Just wondering: In the years up to my getting my Ph.D. in economics at Rutgers University in 1966, one of my favorite teachers/mentors was a man by the name of Harry Gilman. He was a Chicago Ph.D. who studied under H. Gregg Lewis and Albert Rees, focusing on labor economics, which was my specialty as well. He left Rutgers to work with the group that was doing research on the draft. I'm not sure if it was for the DOD, but I believe Milton Friedman was one of the prime movers.


Andy Weintraub
Emeritus, Temple University Economics Department

David R Henderson writes:

@andy Weintraub,
Harry was a colleague of mine at U. of Rochester my first year there, 1975-76. I talk about him at some length in my piece at Econ Journal Watch. Here’s the link. Allen Wallis quotes him about mercenaries.

Thaomas writes:

I think that economists role in inventing the EITC is more praiseworthy and -- when it comes to pass -- the carbon tax as a superior way of dealing with CO2 emissions externalities over technology sfecific subsidies and regulation.

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