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Saturday Afternoon Video: Henderson on Thaler on RT

News flash: College students c... Without Government Who Would H...

My interview with RT about Richard Thaler, 401(k)s, and humans and icons is posted here.

It starts at about the 6:00 point.

I wrote about Thaler's Nobel earlier here.

Make sure you watch it to the end of my segment.

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John Goodman writes:


You forgot to mention the role of think tanks (Goodman at NCPA and Orszag at Brookings) which made possible legislation giving employers a safe haven for auto enrollment, which would not have happened had there not been donors who support think tanks.

Message needs continual reinforcement.

The Original CC writes:

Funny comment regarding Siberia at the end! Very appropriate for the venue.

As usual, you are very at ease on camera. Nice work!

David R Henderson writes:

@John Goodman,
I didn’t forget. She caught me off guard. I had no idea that she was going to be talking about legislation on 401(k)s.

David R Henderson writes:

@The Original CC,

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