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Henderson on The New Tax Law

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I'll be speaking to the Monterey Peninsula Republican Women this Thursday.

Topic: An Economist Analyzes the New Tax Law
Date: Thurs, Jan. 11th
Time: 11:30AM - 1:30PM
Location:Rancho Canada Gold Course, 4860 Carmel Valley Rd., Carmel Valley.

It's a luncheon with a fee but I'm told that you can show up and just see the talk. But to make sure call:
Sylvia at 831-484-1104.

The main speaker is Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute and his topic is "Freedom of Religion."

I don't know which order the talks are in. Mine is limited to 15 minutes.

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Hans writes:

Pacific Justice Institute, is one of the best
rightwing non-profit in America!

They have advanced a First Amendment issue
to the Uber Court, from Liberal Lakes.


Manfred writes:

"...the Monterey Peninsula Republican Women" group?

What?? There are still Republican Women in Monterey, CA, or anywhere in CA?

Who knew?

Given Gov Brown's utterings and travels lately, I thought Republicans were outlawed in the Republic of CA.

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