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On January 31 at 4 PM, I'm presenting The Case Against Education at the Cato Institute, with comments by New America's Kevin Carey.  (See here and here for my earlier thoughts on Carey's work).   Many thanks to Cato's Neal McCluskey for setting this up.

Book copies will be available for signing.  Hope to see you there!

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James Pass writes:

Seems like the kind of book I'd like to read, so I'll put it on my list for 2018. There's a lot of inefficiency in public education, but of course half of it is about daycare for kids.

That being said, for kids who really want to learn academic subjects, public schools can be immensely valuable. For example, I always took a full load of serious classes and I had a lot of great teachers. Obviously, not all kids enjoy academics but might thrive under vocational education.

Did my enjoyment of academics "certify my intelligence, work ethic, and conformity" to prospective employers? My career in technology required that I spend years acquiring technological knowledge. Taking serious classes in high school was a logical path to getting into a good college. But perhaps one of Mr. Caplan's points in his book is that only a minority of people actually need many serious academic classes or higher academic education.

Manfred writes:

Will there be a live feed of the presentation?

Or perhaps a podcast?

James Pass writes:

That's an excellent question, Manfred. It would be great to see or hear the presentation even if I read the book later this year.

Juan Manuel Pérez Porrúa Pérez writes:

You can go here:

within a reasonable time after the even.

You can also look up “Cato Events Podcast”.

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