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In "Top 100 Economics Blogs And Websites For Economists," EconLog is ranked #11 out of the 100 blogs and websites listed.

I'm not sure how they came up with the ranking, but notice that we're only 2 positions below Marginal Revolution at #9. I'll take it.

HT2 Alvin Rabushka.

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Jonathan S writes:

According to the link, Econlog has a higher Alexa ranking than Marginal Revolution.

Justin writes:

Seeing the economics section of Reddit listed as blog is bad enough, but to have it at #4? I would take these rankings with a mountain of salt.

Cyril Morong writes:

Jeez, you got me beat by a mile. I am only 97. But great work by you guys

Matthias Goergens writes:

They rank freakonomics and Armstrong quite high. I wouldn't trust them rankings. (On the other hand, a least that only contains sites I approve of would be giving ranks in preaching to the choir..)

Mattb writes:

Really Krugman at #1?

Phil writes:

I only follow 2 of those ranked above you, so you are #3 in my mind.

But that is according to someone else's criteria.

You are really #1.

David R Henderson writes:

You are really #1.
Thank you so much, Phil.

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