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Henderson and Torres on Immigration

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This is the video of the recent event on immigration held by CSUMB. For some reason, I can't get it to start at 0:00.

President Ochoa starts and then introduces Dan Torres of Governor Brown's office, who speaks from about the 6:00 point to about 16:00. Then I speak from about 16:00 to 26:00. Then the audience members do their reports from about 28:00 to about 59:00. Then I respond to some of the highlights of the audience members' reports from about 1:00:00 to about 1:05:00. Then Dan Torres goes from about 1:05:00 to about 1:09:40.

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Jeff G. writes:

Great post David. I agree with most of what you said but I have one quibble with the statistic that immigrants are under-represented in prison. Isn't that bias by the fact that immigrants who commit crimes are likely to be deported rather than put in prison?

David R Henderson writes:

@Jeff G.
Re whether immigrants are likely to be deported, I'll have to check into that.

Jonathon writes:

@Jeff G. and @David :

Seems that immigrant underrepresentation in prisons has little to do directly with deportation rates. The vast majority of immigrants with criminal convictions who are deported are transferred into ICE custody *after* they have already served their sentence in prison. Although increased enforcement is putting more people with open cases onto the deportation track, it seems unlikely that'll have had a meaningful effect on these numbers.

If one is looking to speculate about the reasons for this disparity it might have more to do with the self-policing of close-knit enclaves and a disinclination to involve law enforcement in dispute resolution for mixed-status communities (or even immigrant communities where everyone has legal status, as it can be compromised by any involvement with criminal justice system).

Mark M writes:

Great event. Interesting format. Thanks for sharing. Do you think the audience understood your comment about Switzerland’s president? Or were they possibly reacting to their feelings about the current president specifically? They were laughing over when you clarified that point about smaller government.


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