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Alberto Mingardi: September 2013

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Happy birthday, Ludwig von Mises

Economic Philosophy
Alberto Mingardi
Today, 132 years ago, Ludwig von Mises was born in Lviv. Mises has been perhaps the last great system builder in social sciences, one of the great economists of the century (see here an insightful profile by co-blogger Art Carden),... MORE

Who is Mrs Merkel?

Eurozone crisis
Alberto Mingardi
Mrs Merkel won the German elections by a landslide, gaining an impressive 41.5% of votes. However, the most notable unintended consequence of Mrs Merkel's triumph is that both the other right-of-the-center parties, the liberals of the FDP and the newly... MORE

What's 'freedom' (regular human beings version)?

moral reasoning
Alberto Mingardi
The Online Library of Liberty is hosting a symposium on George H Smith's most interesting book, "The System of Liberty." Jason Brennan, David Gordon and Ralph Raico commented on Smith's lead essay--and the whole thing is well worth reading. Jason... MORE

Regulating your diet

Economics of Health Care
Alberto Mingardi
Food taxes are apparently proliferating, all over Europe. Finland introduced taxes on sugared products; France now has a special tax on all soft drinks and Hungary increased taxes on food with high fat, sugar and salt content. The trailblazers on... MORE

Perhaps the most relevant of Mencken's aphorisms

Economics and Culture
Alberto Mingardi
David Henderson has celebrated H.L. Mencken's birthday by posting some of his best aphorisms on democracy and politics. I would just like to commend the following one, which seems to me to be the most relevant for contemporary policy issues:... MORE

Psychohistory and us

Politics and Economics
Alberto Mingardi
OpenCulture has just re-published some predictions by Isaac Asimov about life in 2014. I read Asimov as a teenager and, as I'm sure many of you were, I was always delighted by his science fiction and his sense of humor.... MORE

Ken Minogue's last essay

moral reasoning
Alberto Mingardi
The New Criterion has just published a version of Ken Minogue's last essay, that he presented in a Mont Pelerin Society meeting in the Galapagos Islands, just a couple of days before he suddenly and sadly passed away. In the... MORE

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