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Alberto Mingardi: October 2013

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Switching the printing press on

Monetary Policy
Alberto Mingardi
"Inflation is a disease, a dangerous disease for a society, it is sometimes a fatal disease for a society." This short video by Milton Friedman, dating back to the early 80s, is still well worth seeing. With his unsurpassed clarity,... MORE

Day dreaming for libraries

Alberto Mingardi
Neil Gaiman has written a formidable plea for public libraries. Here you can find the text of a lecture that he delivered in London on October 14, subsequently published on The Guardian. His arguments are instinctively appealing to all of... MORE

An "antifragile" financial system - but how?

Economic Philosophy
Alberto Mingardi
John Kay recently had a must-read piece Financial Times, now available ungated on his website. Kay makes an interesting point: the obsession with "too big to fail" financial institutions and "the lobbying power of incumbent companies" is leading the revamping... MORE

Angela Merkel has won the German elections by a landslide, but as she did not reach an absolute majority, she is still struggling to form a government. It is a bit paradoxical, but Merkel's electoral triumph, which resulted also in... MORE

Against crony capitalism, Italian style

Eurozone crisis
Alberto Mingardi
The Italian Post service is joining the shareholders of Alitalia, the "national" air carrier. I've written on this odd move of the Italian government here. Today I co-signed an appeal to the Italian government, to resist this protectionist temptation. The... MORE

Trade unions at the opera

Price Controls
Alberto Mingardi
Richard Epstein has a very interesting column on how "Unions Take High Culture Hostage". The whole thing is well worth reading. Epstein sets off from a recent concert at Carnegie Hall, that was called off because of a surprise strike.... MORE

The flying postman

Politics and Economics
Alberto Mingardi
Officially, Italy has a no longer a "Ministero delle partecipazioni statali" ("Ministry of State Shareholdings") since its suppression by referendum in 1993. The Italian government has privatized much since--but politics do not understand privatization as relinquishing control on a particular... MORE

Capitalism and the filmmakers

Economic History
Alberto Mingardi
As F.A. Hayek wrote in his "History and Politics" (reprinted here), "there is scarcely a political ideal or concept which does not involve opinions about a whole series of past events, and there are few historical memories which do not... MORE

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