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Alberto Mingardi: November 2013

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The Swiss overwhelmingly rejected a popular initiative that would have capped executive pay to 12 times the wage of the lowest-paid employee in the same business. Some 65% of the voters came out against the proposal, which was proposed by... MORE

The art of silly norms

Alberto Mingardi
Photographer Olivia Locher (here's an interesting interview) has recently presented a new art project, "I Fought the Law". This photo series captures a selection of what Ms Locher regards as the silliest regulations and prohibitions enacted by U.S. states. Among... MORE

European Union, which steps forward?

Eurozone crisis
Alberto Mingardi
An almost invariable mantra of European politics is that Europe needs "an ever closer Union". Political centralization is commonly considered the only way out of the crisis - meaning, first of all, centralization of fiscal policies, as an all-powerful Brussels... MORE

Coase's last book honored by the Atlas Foundation

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings
Alberto Mingardi
The Chinese Communist Party's third plenum has "endorsed" the need for market-oriented reforms. In the communique released at the end of the four days conference we can read thatThe key issue is handling the relationship between the government and the... MORE

A central bank for Scotland?

Eurozone crisis
Alberto Mingardi
2014 will probably be the year when Scotland and Catalonia vote for their independence. The Catalonian referendum is strongly opposed by the Spanish government, and a date hasn't been set yet. In this old op-ed for the New York Times,... MORE

Happiness for All

Social Security
Alberto Mingardi
Here's an interesting development, from Venezuela. Last week President Nicolas Maduro, who is following on the footsteps of Hugo Chavez, presented a new government department, the Deputy Ministry of Supreme Social Happiness. Actually, this new government unit appears to be... MORE

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